Do you support custom or third party code?

Pre-sales questions
myASP.NET welcomes all of our customers to use any third-party code they desire with the exception of some applications that are specifically restricted. These types of applications are outlined in our terms of use.
We do not, however, offer technical/programming/debugging support for third-party products. In general, we can only assist in determining whether a system/service related issue may be causing a problem with application. If there is no indication of a service related issue, any further troubleshooting of specific application related errors is beyond the scope of support that we provide. The most effective method of obtaining technical support for third party products is through the software vendor or the software author.

Even though we do not offer extended support for some of the items detailed in this document, we suggest that you post your problems, questions, and comments in our forum. Many of our users are there helping each other out, and myASP.NET employees are also participating, and will attempt to answer any questions they can during their spare time. Please note however, that the forum is not an official support channel.