How long does it take before an expired domain is released to the public?

Domain names/DNS
After a domain expires, the time period before the domain is released to the public varies depending on the registrar that manages the domain name.

If your domain was registered by myASP.NET

For some domain extensions, ex .com,.net , .org, .info, .biz, when a domain expired, myASP.NET provides 30-40 days grace period for customers to renew. Customer can renew domains within the grace period without additional fee.

The grace period might be different for different extensions, for example, .tv domain have 55 days grace period, while .de domain don't have any grace period. So if you want to keep a domain, it's better to renew before it get expired.

After the grace period, domains will be set to Redemption Period status, domains in Redemption Period may still be retrievable,but additional Redemption Period fees must be paid. These fees are imposed by the registrar, not myASP.NET. Please contact us if you wish to retrieve a domain that is in Redemption Period.

After the Redemption Period, domain will enter a Delete Period, this period will last about 5 days, and domain will be deleted from registry database, and will be available to be re-registered.