How to set up FTP connection with FileZilla?

FTP > FTP program configuration
This article explains how to configure an FTP connection with FileZilla.

If you do not have FileZilla installed on your local computer, please click here to download and install it.
  1. Start FileZilla
  2. Click on File then Site Manager. Click the New Site button, and assign a name for this entry. You should then see boxes for Host, Port, Protocol, Logon type, User, and Password.
  3. Enter FTP address in the Host field. You can obtain the FTP address from Control Panel.
  4. Enter "21" in the Port field.
  5. On the protocol pull-down menu, select FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
  6. On the Logon type pull-down menu, select Normal.
  7. Enter your FTP account login and password in the User and Password fields.
    8. Click the Transfer settings tab. Verify that Passive mode is enabled.
    9. Click Connect in the Site Manager window.
Your FTP account should log in successfully, and your files will appear in the Remote site area of the program window.