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ASP.Net Core 5.x, ASP.Net 2.0-4.8.x
PHP 5.2.X - 7.X
AJAX 3.5/1.0
MS Access Database
Dedicated web application pool
1 x MS SQL2019/2017/2016/
MSSQL database size:
Backup/Restore/Attach Feature
1 x MySQL 5.x
MySQL database size:
Backup/Restore/Repair Feature

MyASP.NET now offer SQL Server 2019 hosting service on all of our hosting plans.

--Analyze every type of data!

Gain insights from all your data by querying across relational, non-relational, structured, and unstructured data, for a complete picture of your business using SQL Server 2019 with Apache Spark built in.

--Rely on industry-leading performance!

Take advantage of breakthrough scalability and performance to improve the stability and response time of your database—without making app changes. Get high availability for mission-critical applications, data warehouses, and data lakes.

--Trust nine years of proven security leadership!

Achieve your security and compliance goals using the database rated as least vulnerable over the last nine years. Stay a step ahead using built-in features for data classification, data protection, and monitoring and alerts

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