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  • myASP.NET SQL Reporting Service Hosting Advantages

    Stop looking for SQL Reporting Service (SSRS) Hosting anymore. myASP.NET offers the latest micosoft SQL Reporting hosting service. SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services is a comprehensive, highly scalable solution that empowers real-time decision making. SQL Server 2012 enables the creation of operational reports for pixel-perfect printing and browser-based viewing as well as ad-hoc data exploration and visualization.

    What's New in SQL Server 2012

    -Visualize and interact with data in bold new ways with Power View.
    -Quickly generate reports using intuitive interfaces and extend reporting to the cloud with Windows Azure SQL Reporting.
    -Create self-service reports with a wide variety of formats.
    -Simplify sharing and collaboration to get more value from existing tools and skills.

    Immersive Interactive data visualization with Power View in SQL Reporing Service 2012

    -Create compelling visualizations of your data that are presentation ready at all times.
    -Inspire users with an immersive ad-hoc reporting environment that enables faster insights.
    -Share insights with tight SharePoint integration that enables unique collaborative capability.

    SQL Reporing Service 2012 Generates Professional, Precisely Formatted Reports

    -Enable IT professionals to create reports seamlessly with Report Builder, a fully-featured authoring tool with familiar Microsoft Office look and feel.
    -Render reports to a variety of formats, including the new Office format for Word and Excel, as well as PDF, TIFF, and HTML.
    -Enable sharing of objects for faster, more agile report development with Report Parts.

    Robust Management and Scalability with SQL Reporing Service 2012

    -Make it easier to manage your reporting environment with seamless SharePoint integration.
    -Execute scheduled reports, easily manage report subscriptions, and effortlessly control access to generated reports.
    -Scale reporting environment from a few reports to a corporate wide deployment with thousands concurrent users and tens of thousands of reports.
    -Report data with Windows Azure SQL Reporting for easy management using familiar tools, such as SQL Server Data Tools and broad scale.