$0.00 / MONTH
-Host 1 Website
-1GB DiskSpace
-5GB Transfers
-1 MSSQL & Mysql
-ASP.NET Core 5.x, Node.js
-ASP.NET 4.8, 2.0-4.7.x
-Classic ASP, PHP 5.X - 8.X


$2.95 / MONTH
-Host 1 Website
-Unlimited Transfers
-1 MSSQL & Mysql
-ASP.NET Core 5.x, Node.js
-ASP.NET 4.8, 2.0-4.7.x
-Classic ASP, PHP 5.X - 8.X


$4.95 / MONTH
-Host 6 Websites
-Unlimited DiskSpace
-Unlimited Transfers
-6 MSSQL & Mysql
-ASP.NET Core 5.x, Node.js
-ASP.NET 4.8, 2.0-4.7.x
-Classic ASP, PHP 5.X - 8.X


$7.95 / MONTH
-Host Unlimited Websites
-Unlimited DiskSpace
-Unlimited Transfers
-20 MSSQL & Mysql
-ASP.NET Core 5.x, Node.js
-ASP.NET 4.8, 2.0-4.7.x
-Classic ASP, PHP 5.X - 8.X

We Provide Unlimited ASP.NET Hosting With Lots Features!

Windows Server 2019 Hosting
Windows Server 2016 Hosting
Windows Server 2012 Hosting
ASP.NET Core 5.x - 1.x Hosting
ASP.NET 4.7.2 / 4.6.2 Hosting
Free Let's Encrypt Cert
ASP.NET 4.8 Hosting
ASP.NET 2.0-4.7.x Hosting
Internet Information Services 8 / 10
Sql Server 2019 Hosting
SQL Server 2017 Hosting
SQL Server 2016 Hosting
SQL Server 2014 Hosting
SQL Server 2012 Hosting
SQL 2008 / 2005 compatible
MySQL 5 Hosting
SQL Management Studio
MS Access Database Hosting
MVC 6 Hosting
MVC 5 Hosting
MVC 4 Hosting
Web Deploy, Web Matrix
URL Rewrite 2
Silverlight Hosting
Isolated Application Pool
US or UK Datacenter
RIA Services
FULL Trust Hosting
Visual Studio Support
ASP.NET Control Panel
PHP5 / PHP7 /PHP8 Hosting
99.9% Uptime
Free Components

Superior ASP.NET Hosting hosting is the very first thing that strikes the mind when it comes to an approachable, fast and easy way for continuing server code with HTML for creating a dynamic websites. The web application framework has emerged as the preferred option for Microsoft developers and programmers. It is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and offers a great method for building and running applications. At myASP.NET we offer support for ASP.NET 4.5/ 4.0/ 3.5/ 2.0 technologies including Web Services, ASP.NET Ajax, Linq and ASP.NET MVC 4/ 3 among others. Our ASP.NET hosting service can help you create efficient sites using newest web standards including link to social networking sites, video insertions and connection to SQL Server databases.

Resources - Microsoft's official web site. - Microsoft's official Silverlight web site
Scott Gutherie Blog - Follow the latest from the originator of .NET himself
Visual Studio - Microsoft's Visual Studio
SQL Server Hosting
A relational database server, SQL Server Hosting is developed by Microsoft. We provide the hosting of latest Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with the help of our ASP.NET hosting accounts for your databases. By using SQL server hosting, you can run a number of related applications including nopCommerce, BlogEngine, mojoPortal, Orchard and DotNetNuke among others. SQL Server hosting is also an effective way to build databases and applications. It also offers additional benefits when compared to other database types especially from a management's point of view. With our cloud service, SQL Server 2014 can be remotely controlled through SQL Server Management Studio. The control panel helps to get backups and restore the SQL databases.

ASP.NET MVC hosting provides an influential and patterns-based technique to build dynamic websites that helps you to get the control. The ASP.NET MVC 4 Framework is the latest version in Microsoft's ASP.NET web platform. ASP.NET MVC Hosting has many supportive features that help to enable speedy, TDD-friendly development to build dynamic applications. It also offers a quality based programming model that is more advance and offer benefits including powerful extensibility, cleaner code architecture and test-driven development. MVC 4 includes many advance features than previous version like new mobile and desktop templates. MVC is support in all of our ASP.NET hosting packages.


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