How to deploy a Visual Studio 2008/2005 or Visual Web Developer 2008/2005 web project from my local computer to our web servers

Authoring Tools > Visual Studio 2005/2008
To deploy a Visual Studio 2008/2005 project from your local computer to your hosting account, follow the steps below. These steps apply to both Visual Studio 2008/2005 and Visual Web Developer 2008/2005.

    * Open the web project to be deployed in Visual Studio 2008/2005.
    * Go to web site -> Copy Web Site. The Copy Web tab will show the Source Web site and the Remote Web site.
    * Click the "Connect" button. The "Open Web Site" window will pop up.
    * Select FTP Site.
    * Enter the following values. You can get your FTP info via here.
          o Server: full FTP address
          o Port: 21
          o Directory: site1  OR  [name of the remote directory to copy to; ex: site1/app1]
          o Passive Mode: checked
          o Anonymous Login: unchecked, and enter your login information
            * Note that passive mode may not be compatible with some home network routers or modems. If you have difficulty connecting, try switching passive mode off.
    * Click "Open."
    * Select the files you want to copy from the Source Web site list.
    * Use the arrow buttons in the middle to copy the selected files from source to remote web site.